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Izzy Lane is a unique fashion brand with a conscience.  Gorgeous knitware, coats, skirts and accessories are made with the wool from a herd of over six hundred sheep rescued from slaughter. Grazing happily in the Yorkshire Dales, the Izzy Lane flock will live out the rest of their natural lives in peace.

Izzy Lane has ranges for men and women, luxurious throws and even stylish tweed dog coats and collars so that your pooch doesn't feel left out! If you prefer to knit your own creations, you can buy Izzy Lane yarn too.

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Izzy Lane, luxury fashion brand was founded in 2007 .Our rescued sheep are the heart and foundation of our super-cool, highly acclaimed and award-winning label. Male lambs, old ewes, spent rams - we saved them all from slaughter and make their beautiful wool into our clothes enabling them to live out their lives in sanctuary in the Yorkshire Dales. We use the skills of the British textile industry and the wool from our beloved flock to create knitwear and coats and give animals a much-needed voice in the fashion industry. From the rescue and nurture of our sheep through to the finished collections we can ensure the integrity of each piece and the ultimate traceability.

Izzy Lane

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