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Any fashionista would be proud to be seen in these fabulous shoes from Beyond Skin , even better no humans, children or animals were harmed to make them! Beyond Skin has sourced luxurious, eco friendly fabrics that are not only soft and comfortable to wear, but look stunning,  whether you're after sexy sandals for lounging by the pool or stylish kitten heels to wear to work you won't have to compromise to follow your conscience.

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Fret not! No humans, animals or small children were harmed in the making of our vegan shoes. We are an ethical footwear label, passionately doing what we can to trade in a manner that is kind to our fellow humans, animals and wherever possible our precious planet. This way of working makes perfect sense to us because we are passionate about making a difference whilst staying true to our philosophy; that of creating gorgeous, empowering footwear for discerning, style-led ladies. We work closely with our factories in Spain so we are confident that no-one is exploited in the creation of your lovely shoes and endeavour to source our components and fabrics as locally to our factories as we possibly can to try and reduce our carbon footprint. Better still, each season sees the introduction of a new and exciting eco-friendly fabric making our unique and fabulous shoes even more desirable to you eco-conscious fashionistas. We source only the finest and most luxurious fabrics, making our shoes kind and comfy for your feet. Plus, each season sees the introduction of new and exciting eco friendly fabrics as they become more readily available for us to get our hands on. Essentially, we are wildly dedicated to proving that fashion and ethics can go hand in hand! Put a guilt free spring in your step and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Beyond Skin

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