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If you like to stand out from the crowd you'll love these handbags. Lovingly hand made from recycled fabrics and decorated with applique and embroidery each bag is unique. A 15% discount is available on any bag and you can choose from a range of styles from dainty clutch bags to roomy shoulder bags.

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I design and make handbags - mainly from recycled textiles (kilts, vintage fabrics - really anything that inspires. The handbags are my own designed shapes and I aim to make them functional but also quirky and fun - a bag definitely reflects your personality. Many of the bags are appliqued and embellished with free machine embroidery - designs inspired by the countryside and my particular favourite - hares - feature on many of the bags. I love free machine embroidery - its like painting with your sewing machine. I just lose myself in it in a way I never could with a paint brush. I work from my workshop in the garden of my home in rural Lincolnshire. Archie, the workshop assistant, is always with me and listens to me constantly (I'm sure he understands every word!!). He does, however, like to sit in the open doorway to watch the world go by and give a warning to any other dogs who dare to walk on the pavement outside the house. In summer its fine, but when the snow is on the ground it can be a problem. I hope you like my bags, they are a labour of love.

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