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We were blown away when we saw this gorgeous jewellery (and yes we might have succumbed to temptation!). Influenced by the coast and the creatures that live there, every piece is individually crafted by Kerry in her little shed in West Wales using re-cycled silver and ethically sourced gemstones and seaglass. With this offer you can enjoy a 10% discount off any order of silver jewellery from the Beachcomber website.

Please note this offer does not apply to wedding rings

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Eco-friendly jewellery handmade in West Wales using re-cycled silver, ethically sourced gemstones and sea glass. Kerry's designs are inspired by the coastal environment, by its beautiful ever changing textures and colours and by the creatures that inhabit it. Each piece of jewellery is handmade using traditional hand tools and avoiding harmful chemicals. The designs are simple and stylish reflecting the beauty of the natural world.

Beachcomber Jewellery

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