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We are offering 25% off any limited edition, hand printed etching or mezzotint by aclaimed marine artist and printmaker Debby Mason, who was recently featured in Country Living Magazine.

Each edition, of between 25 and 250, consists of a limited set of identical prints taken from a single copper plate. Each is hand printed, numbered and signed and the etchings are hand coloured. Once the edition is complete the plate is destroyed by drilling a hole through it, or engraving a line across it, to prevent it being used again. 

Most are printed to order and will be dispatched within two weeks. Prices quoted are for unframed prints supplied mounted on white acid free board, with barrier board, cardboard backed and wrapped in cellophane.

Please note this offer is only available in the UK

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Reward provided by Debby Mason Marine Life Etchings

Debby Mason watches as a shore crab scurries across the bottom of a rockpool. Perched on a stone, warmed by the Devon sun, she quickly sketches! Debby is an artist printmaker specialising in Etchings and Mezzotints of marine life. From her workshop in Plymouth, and as a keen diver her passion for marine conservation plays a fundamental role in her work.

Debby Mason Marine Life Etchings

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