We're looking for companies to join our Reward Scheme!

As a member of the WildCrowd Reward Scheme you'll be able to promote your products to an audience that cares about the environment, conservation and animal welfare and help a wide range of charities at the same time.

Most crowdfunding websites ask charities to provide their own rewards for donors but, for smaller charities in particular, this can be expensive and time consuming. Instead we partner with companies that share our values to offer incentives like money off vouchers, free samples and invitations to events.

You can choose how many rewards you want to give away and set the donation level and how long you want the promotion to run. For example you might want to offer 20% off your range to anyone who makes a donation of more than £30 to one of the charitable campaigns featured on WildCrowd.

We'll promote your offer on the website and in our marketing activity and when someone claims your reward we'll send them a unique promotional code to redeem with you directly.

We particularly like to feature innovative new companies and companies that are trying to make the world a better place. See our Terms of use for more information.

If this sounds like you please email us at info@wildcrowd.org to find out more.