The key to successful fundraising is to keep your supporters engaged, which is why we recommend posting regular updates on your campaign page. Do this when your campaign is live to let visitors to your page know how it's going, and also when you start work on the project itself.

Projects that don't reach target

Before you start a campaign on WildCrowd plan what you'll do if you raise more or less money than your target. This could mean reducing or extending the scope of the project, or using money from another source. You also have the option of delaying the start of the project and running another campaign to address the shortfall.

If you raise 10% more or less than target you must post an update on your campaign page to tell supporters what you're going to do differently and what impact, if any, it will have on the project.

Donors are putting their faith in you, so it's very important you spend the money you raise on the project it was intended for, even if you can't do as much as originally planned. If you really can't go ahead with a project please let us know. In this situation you should try and use the money for something that is as close to the original plan as possible and let supporters know why things have changed and how their contributions will be used.

We do make it clear to donors that charities might be unable to go ahead with a project if they don't reach their target, but if this happens it may be more difficult to find supporters in the future.

Closing report

Once your project is complete we'll ask you to submit a closing report. This will be posted on your campaign page and lets supporters know how their contributions were used and what the project achieved. This is a great opportunity to celebrate success and thank your supporters for their help.

You can choose when to submit your closing report, but we ask that it's posted within a month of the project end date. If your project is delayed please get in touch to let us know and we will extend the deadline. We reserve the right to refuse any new campaigns until overdue closing reports are completed.