If you work for a company that wants to make a difference to the environment, conservation or animal welfare we can help.

Whether you're reviewing your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan or looking for new ways to engage staff and promote teamwork through volunteering, we can help you develop a programme that meets your objectives and find the best projects for your company to support.

We're also looking for companies to join our Business Angels Scheme. Business Angels commit to matching some or all of the money raised by a campaign featured on WildCrowd. Match funding encourages other people to contribute to the campaign so you will effectively be helping the charity twice! In return we'll recognise your contribution on the campaign page and in our Business Angels hall of fame.

Match funding can also be a great way to engage staff in fundraising activity. We will send everyone who takes part a personalised update when the project is complete so they can see exactly how they helped to make a difference.

Please get in touch now to discuss how we can help your company.