If you work for a charity registered in the UK we can help you raise money, find volunteers and citizen scientists or even request donations of goods like building materials and pet food.

We do this by bringing together people who care about the environment, conservation and animal welfare and who want to make a difference. 

Running a campaign on WildCrowd is straight-forward. You don’t need any special skills or experience, just a good project idea and some time to devote to managing your campaign.

Before you start you need to register with WildCrowd. We’ll conduct a few basic checks to make sure your organisation meets our criteria and get back to you within two working days. You will also need a Paypal account.

Once we’ve confirmed your registration you can upload one or more campaigns. To do this you need to fill in a simple template outlining your project and how it will make a difference to the environment, conservation and/or animal welfare.

You set targets for what you need, for example, how much money you want to raise or the number of volunteers you need and choose how long you want the campaign to run.

You can offer rewards for donors if you want to, but this isn’t essential as we will automatically include donors to your campaign in the WildCrowd reward scheme.

Once your project is live share it with your existing supporters to get the ball rolling and remember to post regular updates on your campaign page to keep supporters engaged.

We’ll let you know automatically, when people donate or volunteer and, in the case of volunteers and non-financial donations, we’ll ask you to contact them directly to agree next steps.

You'll receive all the money you raise after our fees and those of Paypal, our payment provider, have been deducted. However we do ask that you let your supporters know what you will do differently if you raise significantly more or less money than your target.

We also ask that you post a short closing report when your project is complete to tell supporters what you achieved and how you used their contributions.

Have a look at our FAQs for more information or contact us with any questions.


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