The Swan Sanctuary is raising funds to purchase our much used and life changing laser therapy machine, that is currently on loan to us,

Over the years we have treated many spinal injuiries, it is one of those wait and see injuires, the most we can do is keep them comfortable.
For the last month or so we have been incredably lucky to have a ASA Class 4 Laser Therapy.
Sounds a bit scary right? far from it! the laser helps increase blood flow, keep infection at bay and give cells the tools to make energy faster so healing is faster!
Spinal injuries that would normally take months to heal have healed in a few weeks, Swans who we thought would never move their legs are standing.
Its not just Spinal injuries its other wounds too, things like dog bites and ever arthritis.
Money rasied will go towards buying over very own Laser any money left over will got towards maitance of other medical equipment

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We are hoping to raise £15,000 to buy our laser machine and up date a few other pieces of medical equipment

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  • 28 Mar 2019

    Campaign started

  • 28 Mar 2019

    Facebook Donations

    We have had a Great response on our Facebook page and have already raised £515 towards out total of £15000

The Swan Sanctuary

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The Swan Sanctuary, Registered Charity 1002582, is a charity dedicated to the care and treatment of swans and waterfowl with an established worldwide reputation.

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£10 donated of £15000 target
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to purchase a Class 4 laser therapy machine any extra funds used to update other medical equipment

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