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We urgently need to raise £3000 to help us buy a new van to transport our rescue cats and other essentials.

The Sunshine Cat Rescue is a small charity based in Oxfordshire and run by a dedicated team of volunteers. Every year we rescue and foster dozens of stray and unwanted cats and kittens and find them loving homes.

Samson, the kitten in the picture above had been attacked by a dog and was injured so badly that sadly he lost the use of one eye.  Thanks to the dedication and care of of his foster mum at the Sunshine Cat Rescue he is now a happy, healthy boy who loves life and manages brilliantly with just one eye!

Kit-Kat, pictured below was in terrible shape when he came to us, traumatised and very thin and frightened. Since then his foster carer has been patiently nursing him back to health and helping him learn how to trust humans again. It can take many months or even years to re-habilitate a cat like Kit-Kat, but we never give up or put a healthy cat down and one day we hope that Kit-Kat will be healthy and confident enough to find a permanent new home of his own.

Poor Tanni was handed in to a local vet when she was just a kitten, she had a terrible wound in one of her front legs and although they did everything they could do to save it, in the end it had to be amputated. One of our wonderful foster carers took Tanni under her wing and helped her to adjust to life on three legs and now we're thrilled to say that she has found a forever home and her own family to love her.

Much of our work relies on having suitable transport, our volunteers spend a lot of their time collecting cats, transporting them to and from the vet and undertaking home visits to prospective adopters. We also collect donations of food and materials from our supporters and hold fundraising events where we need to set up a stand or transport items donated for sale. At the moment we have one van that is getting a little creaky and we desperately need to buy another.

We are a small charity and rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters, which is why we're asking for your help. We would be very grateful for anything you can spare and all donations large or small will go directly towards the purchase of a second hand van that our volunteers can use. By contributing to this appeal you will be making it possible for us to help even more cats and kittens in desperate need like Samson and Kit-Kat. 

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We need to raise £3000 to help us purchase a second hand van that our volunteers can use to transport the cats in our care as well as donations of food and materials and support for fundraising events.

How success will be measured

The purchase of a second hand van that will enable us to help even more cats in need

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  • 20 Feb 2019

    Campaign started

Sunshine Cat Rescue

Charity Reg No: 1154876

Sunshine Cat Rescue cares for and re-homes homeless cats and kittens in oxfordshire. The charity is run by a small group of volunteers and depends largely on the generosity of the local public. The charity has now been running five years and in this time we have rehomed approximately 700 cats/kittens.

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£968 donated of £3000 target
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Helping us to buy a new van for transporting our cats and other essentials to keep the charity runni

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