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We're re-building after a flood and are raising money for heating and lighting in our new units. Can you help keep our cats warm & dry?


We are a cat rescue charity, based in Waltham Abbey, Essex but covering a much larger area. We rescue stray and unwanted cats and kittens and also run a trap, neuter and return programme for feral cats.  Every cats' individual needs are catered for and the best expert help is provided. while we search for their forever home.  Our pens are quite large giving each cat freedom to move around, and we have open pen units with a small garden area for our longer term residents. We also have a kitten creche, where feline mum's can give birth in a safe environment. 


Kendric and Harry were abandoned and unneutered and when their owner moved, they lived for some time as strays until a kind neighbour reported them to us. Sadly, because we have so many reported daily it took some time until we could bring them into our care. They are now neutered, healthchecked, vaccinated and microchipped and have found a lovely new home home.


Barber was abandoned and living on the streets for many years until someone took pity on him and brought him into the shelter. He has been here for some time and still awaits his forever home.

These are just a few of the 150 kittens we have rescued this year. We still have many kittens in our care waiting for a new home. 

Ju Ju came to the Scratching Post in April last year. He would love his own home to wander around! He needs to be the only cat on the block, and needs owners who have the patience and understanding to nuture him. He likes to follow you around and seeks strokes, but only two or three at a time!  Apart from a brief rehoming, he has been with us for over a year and truely deserves a special home.

However,  on 29th may 2018 a storm and torrential downpour caused significant damage to the roof of our main shelter and it began to flood. The roof of the main unit was already unstable but with lack of funding we kept trying to hold it together. We knew from previous inspections that the only way to fix it was to knock the whole unit down and rebuild it.  Sadly, there was anotrher surprise awaiting us, as during the storm, another 2 units had started to flood with water coming up through the floor. These are our 3 main units houisng over 30 cats. 


Due to the generiousity of our friends and supporters, work is well underway on the new units, which will consist of two buildings. We expect the first building to be ready  by January 2019.  However, we will need lighting and heating for the new unit as all our available funding is going into the actual building materials. 

To keep the cats toasty, we will be installing very efficient electric panels, which, although expensive, will use up to 60% less electricty and should more then pay for themselves in one winter. 


Make a difference

We need financial donations to purchase lighting and electric panels to complete our rebuild and ensure our cats have a warm, safe environment to live in while we find their forever homes. We would like to raise the money for this by January 2019 so we can move cats into their new accommodation as quickly as possible.

How success will be measured

Our campaign will have been a success when we can open the new main unit and welcome back the cats to a warm, safe home.

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  • 4 Jan 2019

    The first unit is open!

    We're thrilled to announce that our first new unit is now open for business and already has a new tenants! Many thanks to everyone who has donated so far to make sure the cats are warm and comfortable. We're hoping to open the second unit very soon, we just need a final push to reach our revised target of £1000 so that we can finish fitting it out. Any help with sharing the campaign page or donations, however small, would be greatly appreciated. You can see can see from the picture just how happy and comfortable the cats are in the first unit, now we want the second to be just as nice!

  • 20 Nov 2018

    Campaign started

The Scratching Post

Charity Reg No: 1105653

The Scratching Post is a cat rescue charity, based in Waltham Abbey, Essex, but covering a much wider area. We have a charity shop in Enfield, we rely solely on charitable donations and are very grateful to all of our volunteers. Our policy is to ensure that no cat is ever kept in unsuitable accommodation while it is waiting for a home. Every cat's individual needs are catered for and the best expert help is provided. We never put a cat to sleep unless there is no hope of being able to save him or her with a good quality of life, as advised by our vets. Every cat in its own right is important and deserves the chance of a loving home and a happy life. Our pens are quite large giving each one freedom to move around, and we have open plan units with a small garden area for our longer term residents. The Scratching Post also deals with feral cats. These cats are trapped, neutered and returned to where they came from, or found a new site. Whilst they are with us, they are kept in an open plan enclosure, where they have space to run, hide and play.

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£140 donated of £1000 target
7 donors

The money raised will be used for electric heating panels and lighting.

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