Help Rushton Dog Rescue pay for urgent veterinary treatment for five dogs rescued on the way to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

Zoe McNeil, co-founder of Rushton Dog Rescue, has been at the Garden Of Life Buddhist monastery as a volunteer. Working with volunteers and activists from other organisations, they have given treatment and care to dogs that have come out of slaughterhouses and meat trucks headed to Yulin. 

The dogs are in appalling states, injured, diseased and dying; the team did whatever they could with limited resources. Many of the dogs are suffering with injuries consistent with being beaten, they are starved and dehydrated, and often suffering with diseases such as pneumonia, skin diseases and distemper. Within the monastery, charities are funding the dogs’ care. 

However, our mission and main goal is to remove as many dogs as we can to veterinary clinics and boarding kennels in order for them to receive necessary medical care and quarantine, in preparation to travel to the UK. From here, they can be assessed and adopted into safe, loving homes, and live the life they deserve so much. 

The average cost per dog, from rescue to rehoming is £2,000. We believe after the horrific ordeal they have endured, every dog deserves this chance at life. We are desperate to save as many dogs as possible, from darkness to light, find them and bring them home.

* Update *

Zoe has been granted permission to take five of the dogs she has been caring for, to a veterinary clinic for much needed treatment, funded by Rushton Dog Rescue. These five dogs have survived Yulin, one has a broken leg and many bite wounds from being attacked by other dogs, some have distemper and parvovirus and desperately need medication. A veterinary clinic willing to take them has been found, but funds for their treatment is required immediately. We aim to get these dogs treated and taken to our boarding facilities in Beijing before arriving in the UK to find their forever homes.



Make a difference

Financial help is needed to pay for these 5 survivors to receive the treatment they so desperately need, their boarding kennel fees and transport to the UK so they can be adopted into safe, loving homes.

How success will be measured

By the health and happiness of these dogs when they receive the required care and travel to the UK.

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  • Anthony McCaughley 28 June 2018 Reply
    Keep up the amazing work over there. Total Rockstars!! :)
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    Campaign finished

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    Campaign started

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