Thanks to our wonderful supporters we are well underway with our new shelter, but now we need a roof!

Zante Strays is a UK registered charity that is run by a small band of volunteers on the Greek holiday Island of Zante. Sadly dogs and cats are not well treated here, there are hundreds of strays living on the streets and we also come across many cases of poisoning and abuse.

As well as educating owners about the importance of neutering their animals, we rescue and rehome as many strays as we can, mainly in the UK, Germany and Holland. Last year we had a dream of building a shelter, as all our foster homes were full and we had no more room to take in sick, injured or abandoned dogs. It was a massive undertaking for a small charity and felt very daunting, not least because we receive no funding from the authorities in Zante and are completely reliant on donations from our supporters. The land was given to us by our lovely vet and family which gave us a big step up to start.

We decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign and, thanks to all our wonderful supporters, (including our very own #manonamission, Jeff Dunkley, who was so generous and did so much to help us reach our goal), we raised enough money to flatten the building plot, lay the foundations and create five large pens for our rescue pups.

We started work in November 2017 and, despite the bad weather, by March 2018 the first dogs had moved in and now we are able care for around one hundred and fifty dogs and puppies until they find their forever homes. It's an amazing achievement, but we're not quite there yet, because now we need a roof for the shelter!

Due to local building regulations, we aren't allowed to build solid roof, so we are going to use a heavy canvas like material that will be stretched across one half of each pens to keep the dogs dry in the winter and cool in the summer. Normally we wouldn't start another campaign so soon after the last one but, as you can imagine it gets incredibly hot here in the summer and we really need to get the roof in place as soon as possible.

We're also going to see if we can raise enough to put sides on the pens where they are covered by the roof. Originally we planned to do this at a later stage, but if we can do it all at once it will be easier and cheaper and everything will be done by winter when the weather gets cold and the rain starts.

Any support you can give us would be greatly appreciated, no donation is too small and please share the link to this campaign page with dog loving friends and family. If just 350 people donate £10 we'll have the money we need to keep our pups comfortable in the summer months. Please help us raise the roof!


Make a difference

It will cost us £700 to put a roof over each pen and we have five pens so we need to raise a total of £3500 for the roofs. Putting the sides on each pen will cost an additional £400 so we need to raise a grand total of £5500 to do all the work.

How success will be measured

Because the summer is so hot we want to raise the money as quickly as possible, so that we can start work. Our aim is to have all our pups under cover by the end of May.

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  • Vera Adriaensen 28 April 2018 Reply
    Amazing work , I am happy to see everyting you are doing for these poor souls.
  • Andrew McIvor 23 March 2018 Reply
    Fantastic work & absolutely vital for the wellbeing of these poor pooches!
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  • 22 Apr 2018

    First Roof Raised at Zante Strays!

    Thanks to our wonderful supporters we've now raised enough to put a roof on four of our five pens and you can see the first one here, which looks pretty fabulous even if we say so ourselves! Because everyone has been so generous, we've decided to go further and, as well as raising another £700 to put a roof the last pen, we're setting ourselves a stretch target to raise a further £2000. If we're successful this means we can put sides on the runs too which will help keep our pups cool in the summer (and with temperatures already in the mid twenties, that's really, really important) as well as keeping the rain out in the winter. Thank you so much if you've already donated to this campaign, your support means more to us and our foster pups than we can say! Jamie (volunteer) xx

  • 23 Mar 2018

    Campaign started

Zante Strays

Charity Reg No: 1166760

Zante Strays is a no kill animal rescue charity which finds great homes for the special Zakynthian stray animals in the UK. We rescue and treat abandoned, sick and injured animals, together with whole litters of puppies and kittens who are commonly dumped in the litter bins of Zante soon after birth. Poisoning of the streets/public and private areas is common in Zante, to kill dogs and cats rather than manageing the population through spaying and neutering. We fundraise to feed these lovely, friendly animals and to give complex and routine veterinary care to treat these vulnerable creatures in foster in Zante, until they are ready to seek their forever homes. Zante Strays commit to keep every stray dog/cat we foster for the rest of its life if it does not find a home or is old, blind or disabled. We educate encouraging neutering of all pet animals and offer half price sterilisation of owned animals to try to hit the problem at source for those animals who just cannot afford it. We have a small group of active volunteers based in Zante who use their own resources without funding from any government sources. This teamed with a small group of volunteers based throughout the UK are responsible for organising foster for strays and the adoption of rehoming animals. This includes arranging appropriate and safe transport to the UK, all veterinary checks, sterilisation, issue of pet passport and microchipping. We are determined to make a difference and as we have no overheads and pay no salaries (all services are given free by volunteers) we are able to ensure every penny raised goes to all of the animals in our care

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£4350 donated of £5500 target
91 donors

All the money we raise will be used to put a roof and sides on the pens.

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