We are aiming to help control the problem with overpopulation and unwanted cats being born by subsidising cat neutering

The situation around animal welfare (particularly cats) in the Bradford district is one of the worst in the country, with over population, abandonment and neglect reaching extremely high figures in the area.

For this reason, we officially started a subsidised neutering scheme in Keighley in August 2017 by which anybody who can't afford the full cost of the surgery can neuter their cats for a minimum donation of £5. As of the beginning of March 2018 we have paid for 160 cats to be neutered in the area. We consider this to be a massive success and recognise the positive impact this is going to have in reducing numbers of unwanted cats being born. We would like to expand this operation and we have joined forces with a vet practice nearer to Bradford so we can offer people who might struggle to pay for their cat to be neutered more options.

Cats become fertile and might be sexually active  from 4 months old, we will do anything in our power to avoid havining to pick heavily pregnant kittens up, or any unwanted pregnant cat for that matter. The risk to their lives and the lives they carry inside them is to bit and most of the times comes with a lot of work and a lot of heartache.

Make a difference

We need financial support, but we also need help spreading the word about all support available and educating the community about animal welfare, specifically neutering, as there seems to be a lot of myths, incorrect information and even a complete lack of awareness regarding neutering.

How success will be measured

Success will be measured based on the number of cats being neutered and hopefully, if we are able to manage to run the scheme indefinitely, we will see a reduction in welfare cases being reported and numbers of cats needing to be rescued.

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Keighley Cat Care

Charity Reg No: 1121776

Keighley Cat Care is a small cat rescue based in Keighley, West Yorkshire. We have been active as a charity since 2003, We are run entirely by volunteers and rely solely on donations in order to rescue, care for and rehome all the cats and kittens we help. We are a foster based charity, we have no dedicated premises other than our own homes and the cats live with us as part of our family until they find their own. We are all mainly based around the Keighley area but we rescue cats from all over Bradford and Craven districts and rehome nationwide. On top of this, we are currently running a subsidised neutering scheme in Keighley for anybody who can't afford the full price of the surgery. We also actively trap feral cats, and where possible relocate them to safe environments where they can be happy and looked after but with minimal human interaction.

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We are only asking for an amount to help kick start the campaign, money will be used to pay the vets

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There's no limit to how many volunteers we need, we need as much help as we can get

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