There are thousands of dogs and cats living on the streets of Romania. Help us stop the suffering by supporting our neutering campaign.

Paws 2Rescue is a UK registered charity, and we are into our 7th year of helping the stray and abused dogs and cats of Romania. As you would expect we rescue as many animals as we can and do our best to find homes for them, but the numbers are so overwhelming, and increasing all the time, that we can only scratch the surface of the problem

Of course the key issue is the lack of neutering. Hundreds of thousands of unwanted animals are living in the countryside and in cities and industrial estates. Many are frighened and difficult to catch and they breed generation after generation making the problem even worse.

Even when animals have a home, many owners cannot afford to neuter them or are unwilling to do it because of a unfounded belief that they are mutilating the animal.

Under our 'Happy Stiches' programme we have neutered 5050 animals in the past six years and, when you think that over this time a single unneutered animal is responsible for over 67,000 unwanted puppies or kittens, you can see why we believe it is so important to tackle the root cause of the problem.

In Jilava county we are working street by street, knocking on doors and posting flyers and leaflets. We've even got the local children involved in helping us to encourage families to bring their animals to us be neutered. We've neutered almost 250 animals so far and the campaign has received such a positive reaction from the community that we will be continuing as soon as the weather is warm enough, as well as working in other areas such as Timsoara, where we are neutering pets and strays alike.

It costs £20 for our experienced team of vets to neuter a cat or dog and, with spring around the corner, we urgently need your help to raise more funds so we can continue our programme and neuter a further 200 animals.

We are a small charity and we rely on the generosity of animal lovers to help us continue with our work. Neutering may not tug at the heart strings the way some other appeals do, but every time you help us to neuter a cat or dog you are helping to stop as many as a million unwanted animals from suffering over the next six years, that's fifty thousand animals for every pound you can spare!

Make a difference

Each neuter costs £20 and in this campaign we want to raise enough money to neuter 200 animals at a total cost of £4000

How success will be measured

On our website we post pictures of every animal we neuter, so you can see exactly how your donation is making a difference and reducing the population of unwanted dogs in Romania.

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  • 2 Mar 2018

    Campaign started


Charity Reg No: 1156882

Hundreds of dogs at risk of inhumane death and abuse are saved. Because we care. Thousands, almost millions of pups are not born unwanted, because we neuter. Because we care. Our love for dogs does not stop at the border, and we cannot stand to see any dog in distress. Please read more about our work and visit our website at www.paws2rescue.com to find out how you can support our vital work.

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£129 donated of £4000 target
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Neuter 200 dogs & cats, reducing the future population of strays by up to 134M over six years

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