Please help Paws2Rescue to tackle the root cause of the stray dog problems, as we neuter thousands of dogs of Romania.

Paws 2Rescue is a UK registered charity, and we are into our 7th year of helping the stray and abused dogs of Romania, and other countries.

The government policy of capturing and killing stray dogs in Romania is cruel dogs and ineffective. There remain thousands of un-neutered dogs on the streets with so many puppies being born every year, it's impossible to care for them all.

Our rescuers rescue hundreds of puppies every year, all abandoned, all unwanted, sometimes they are left in a cardboard box at the side of a road, sometimes the mum has been cruelly abandoned with her pups - we never walk away. While we provide for love, care and shelter for as many pups as we can, with the lucky ones being adopted,  one of the most important things we can do is to prevent more unwanted dogs being born

Every year we  carry out our 'Happy Stiches' neutering campaigns in Iasi, Baia Mare, Bucharest, Cluj and Jilava in Romania. We also carry out one global project,  during February and March last year our UK team flew to Peru we we neutered over 300 dogs in the shanty towns.

We have already neutered over 5,000 dogs and have prevented tens of thousands of puppies being born into a miserable existance on the streets.

Now we need your help for our HappyStitches 2019 campaign. We are partnering with CVD Farmamed (Dr Diana Voicu) and Banca DVS (community organiser) and the programme will be carried out by a highly experienced team of vets.  The cost of each neuter is £22. We want to neuter 250 dogs in the next campaign, a total of £5,500. We will do this over 5 separate weekends of 50 dogs per weekend. A soon as we raise the first £1,100 we will start.

There is such a desperate need for neutering, please, please help us to stop this desperately sad situation of thousands of unwanted pups being born. Together we can help to recuce the number of strays, until one day, there are none.


Make a difference

Each neuter is just £22. We would love people to support us and donate, or hold a small fundraising event to support our campaign. You can contact us at paws2rescue@outlook.com if you need ideas, or a fundraising pack and flyers. Please help us to achieve our goals of neutering 250 dogs.

How success will be measured

We post photos along with a number card, of every single dog neutered, and we are happy to write personal thank you's to donators. Each weekend we will make formal logs of the neutering, until our target of 250 dogs has been reached.

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  • 2 Mar 2018

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Charity Reg No: 1156882

Hundreds of dogs at risk of inhumane death and abuse are saved. Because we care. Thousands, almost millions of pups are not born unwanted, because we neuter. Because we care. Our love for dogs does not stop at the border, and we cannot stand to see any dog in distress. Please read more about our work and visit our website at www.paws2rescue.com to find out how you can support our vital work.

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£129 donated of £5500 target
7 donors

At £22 each, we will neuter 250 stray dogs in Romania and save thousands of unwanted puppies from a

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