Help us celebrate 25 years of caring for injured and orphaned otters by supporting our campaign to build new pens & treatment space.

The International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF) was established twenty five years ago. It is one of the world's leading otter charities and the only charity in the UK dedicated to the conservation, protection and care of otters.

We are based on the Isle of Skye where we run a sanctuary for orphaned and injured otters. The sanctuary was built in 1993 and, although it has served its purpose well, the facilities now need to be upgraded.  To celebrate our 25th anniversary we are launching a campaign to raise the money for a new treatment area and pens.

At the moment our cubs start indoors in a cub unit. They then move to an outdoor nursery pen and then to large croft pens. In the picture above you can see one of our current residents, Sofi, exploring her new croft pen. To move otters from the nursery pen to the croft pen we have to catch them, which is stressful for animals and the humans involved! The new facility will have a purpose built new building, including sleeping boxes, which open out into the nursery pen, which then opens again into a larger croft pen. This means that once an otter is moved from the cub unit we shouldn't need to catch it again to move it.

In the new building we will also have treatment room and space to prepare food including a new fridge and freezer (we get through a lot of fish!). We will also be able to close off each enclosure separately, so that if we do need to catch an otter for treatment or release it will be much easier. Below is a plan of the new layout.

To complete this work and buy a new fridge and freezer to store food and medicines we need to raise a total of £20,159 by the spring, so we can start work as soon as the weather improves.

This is the most ambitious fundraising campaign we have undertaken and every donation, however small, will make a real difference for the animals in our care. We also need your help to share the campaign with friends and family and on social media by clicking  the Twitter and Facebook buttons. To reach our target we'll need around 800 donations so it's vital we reach as many people as possible.

We'll be posting updates on the sanctuary and the otters as the campaign progresses and if you'd like to post a comment on our page we'd love to hear from you.

Thank you so much

Paul & Grace

Make a difference

We need to raise a total of £20,159 for new a new building and pens, this is how it breaks down; Building £13,700, Foundation £2,800, Fencing £1,300, Posts £200, Electricity £980, Plumbing £850, Fridge £129, Freezer £200. Total £20,159

How success will be measured

We want to start building works in the spring and move the otters in their new accommodation by autumn 2018 before winter sets in. Once the work is complete they will benefit from larger runs and reduced stress from handling. The new treatment area and storage will also make it easier for us to look after them.

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  • 4 Dec 2017

    An invader!

    Last Friday we spotted a wild otter running up the croft towards our otter pens. I guess it could smell either the fish or the otters in the enclosures. We have had this before and one particular individual was digging frantically on the outside trying to get in! This is why it is so important to make sure the wire is well buried so that they can't dig out or in! We also had one occasion where a wild otter climbed over the fence into the enclosure - the fencing is designed to keep otters in, not to keep them out! When we went up to feed we looked in to the sleeping box and instead of two otters found three! The intruder was not welcomed by the others and they gave him a sore nose for his troubles, because obviously he coultn't get out again! So we had to get him out and look after him until he recovered. There's always something unexpected when you work with otters. That's what makes them fascinating.

  • 14 Oct 2017

    Campaign started

International Otter Survival Fund

Charity Reg No: SC003875

Wildlife charity helping the 13 species of otter worldwide. We want to protect otters so that future generations to come can enjoy one of the world’s most charming, elusive and enjoyable mammals. The IOSF aims to work with local communities throughout the world to educate, inform and encourage the protection and conservation of otters. Through a programme of research, the IOSF will become the world’s foremost authority on otter behaviour, habitat, persecution and conservation. We want people throughout the world to be as appalled by Otter persecution and hunting as we are towards Tiger and Rhino hunting. We would like to educate people to the benefits of Otters, what healthy populations mean for the environment and dispel myths that are causing Otters to be intentionally disturbed, persecuted and hunted.

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New nursery and croft pens for our otters and a new treatment area

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