We are a small charity that looks after homeless dogs. We need your help to build a rescue centre so we can care for even more.

Hairy Hounz is a dog rescue charity run entirely by amazing volunteers who love dogs. We care for stray and abandoned dogs and dogs that are the victims of cruelty or neglect. We also take dogs when their owners can no longer look after them and find them loving new homes. Many of our dogs come from dog pounds and would otherwise be destroyed.

All the dogs are fostered in our own homes and we have a fantastic track record in rehabilitating them and matching them with loving new owners. Hairy Hounz is a small charity, but with more and more dogs turning up on our doostep, the time has come to build our own centre where we can not only assess dogs as they come in, but also provide information for dog owners and help with behavioural problems, before they get so serious that the owner can no longer cope and the dog ends up being re-homed or worse.

Amongst other things we will provide

  • A base for our volunteers
  • Dog assessment centre.
  • Information and advice for dog owners
  • Dog/Puppy training classes.

The centre will be run by volunteers with support from the local community

We're fundraising to buy a small plot of land and to start building. We are very grateful for all donations however small, just give what you can afford and you'll be making a difference for dogs  in need. 

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Thank you!

Make a difference

We need as many people as possible to donate in order to reach our target of £25,000. Please also share the link to this page with friends, family and every dog lover you know! You can do this really easily by clicking on the Twitter and Facebook buttons and adding your own message.

How success will be measured

There will be a few stages to this project , the first stage is raising enough money to buy a small plot of land and go through the planning process, then we'll source the materials and as much volunteer labour as we can find to build the centre itself.

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  • 27 Sep 2017

    Happy Ending

    Marley is one of the pups we recently rescued and rehomed. With your help we will be able to care for many more dogs like Marley and provide support for owners struggling with behavioural problems so that fewer dogs end up in rescues in the first place.

  • 14 Sep 2017

    Campaign started

Hairy Hounz

Charity Reg No: 1163727

Dog rescue and re-homing for all breads of dog, all run by volunteers and all dogs we bring in to rescue are on death row or in the pound also unwanted dogs also we take dogs in from public due to change in circumstances or living arrangements.

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£50 donated of £25000 target
5 donors

All the money we raise will go towards buying a plot of land for our new rescue centre

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We need volunteers who can help with fundraising and project management

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