We urgently need your help to increase our anti-poaching patrols protecting wild tigers & their cubs during peak poaching season.

India is home to two thirds of the world's remaining tigers - that's just 2226 animals. Although India has reserves where Tigers are protected, they are surrounded by 'buffer zones', where there are no fences to define the boundaries of the protected area AND where the burgeoning human population lives.

Tigers and other animals live in these buffer zones where it is easy for poachers to lay snares across the tigers' trails. The snares consist of a sliding noose (often tethered to an electrical supply) which traps the tiger's paw resulting in a slow, agonising death. At least 300 tigers have been killed by snares in the last fifteen years, in India, along with countless other animals.

Since 2015 Tigers4Ever has funded anti-poaching patrols in the buffer zones around the Tiger Reserves of Bandhavgarh. Our patrollers find and remove snares and report evidence of poaching and other illegal activity to the Forest Department. Our patrollers are recruited from the villages in Bandhavgarh's buffer zone, which provides much needed employment and helps to educate local communities about the importance of protecting wild tigers.

The success of the programme has been phenomenal with a 94% reduction in the number of tigers killed by poachers since our patrols began. However, this year we face a major challenge because there are currently twenty young cubs in Bandhavgarh and the monsoon season, which is when the majority of poaching takes place, has started early. Heavy rains and flooding make it more difficult for our patrollers to move around and if an adult tiger with cubs is killed by poachers all her cubs will die. 

To protect wild tiger cubs like these, and the other tigers in the area, we urgently need to double our patrols over the next three months. As a small charity we cannot afford to do this unless we raise additional funds.


Make a difference

We need to raise a minimum of £720 a month, or £2160 in total, to double our patrols until the end of the monsoon season.

How success will be measured

Our aim is to prevent any Tigers falling victim to poachers during the next three months. Death of one parent could result in the death of up to twenty cubs (if it is an alpha male), a devastating blow to a tiger population which is already under threat. Without addtional resource our existing teams will not be able to provide the necessary protection for the tigers and their cubs in the treacherous monsoon conditions.

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  • 14 Oct 2017

    Campaign finished

  • 9 Oct 2017

    Thank You!

    The Monsoon season is finally drawing to an end, so we're closing our campaign to raise money for extra patrols. Although we didn't raise quite as much as we hoped, we were able to increase patrols by 50% in this critical period and I'm delighted to say that we didn't lose any tigers to poachers or poisoning, although sadly one cub was killed by a leopard. A very big thank you to everyone who made a donation, it's thanks to your generosity that we can train and fund rangers from the local community to protect these critically endangered animals.

  • 2 Aug 2017

    Project Update at 09 August 2017

    It's been almost 8 weeks since the onset of the heavy monsoon rains which mark the start of peak poaching season in wild tiger territory and one young (3.5 year old) tigress has already been caught in a poacher’s snare trap in the Dhamokhar buffer forest. Thankfully patrollers found her still alive but badly injured and summoned the vet to provide emergency medical aid. That was six weeks ago and the tigress is still receiving rehabilitation care in a veterinary complex in the city, the plan is to return her to the wild if and when she is strong enough to hunt and protect herself…… we await that news every day. In July, our offline fundraising activities, from June and early July, managed to raise sufficient funds to increase patrolling by 50%, it helps but isn’t really enough when heavy rains limit mobility of the patrol teams and their vehicle. Poaching Patrol co-ordinator Deepak says “It takes twice as long to cover the same distances in heavy rain, the visibility is so poor and the jeep often fishtails!” It is hard to imagine the swamp like roads and tracks if you haven’t been to India in the monsoon, but the last thing on the patrollers’ minds when knee deep in muddy waters is taking photos of the conditions! Patrolling supervisor Prahlad says “it is vital that the patrollers stay alert at all times when the weather conditions are like this. Snakes are very active at this time of year and tigers are exceptional swimmers and incredibly well camouflaged”. At least 20 people per year die from snake bites during the monsoon rains in Bandhavgarh. We have continued to raise offline funds with events at PugFest Manchester and Lush Liverpool in July, which will help to fund normal patrolling plus 50% extra again in August but we really need to raise another £360 during this month alone to ensure that we can provide the extra 50% needed for double patrolling in August. Every day we live in fear of a phone call or message telling us that a tiger or tigers have been killed by poachers. If 36 people just donated £10 each we could give these beautiful tigers and their cubs the protection which they deserve. Donating even a small amount is much easier than the daunting task faced by our patrollers who, despite torrential rain and thunderstorms valiantly continue their quest to search for poachers' traps, snares and other miscreant activity. We constantly admire the men and women who risk their lives daily to save wild tigers from poachers and make the forests safer for all other wildlife as they go. We just wish that we could make their work a little bit easier……………… Thank you for the three donations already received from our followers on Wildcrowd, this has helped us to fund the wages of a patrolling team for two days. We still need to do much more if we want to avoid further incidents of tigers getting caught in snares. We know that this is an expensive time of year for you all, but even £5 can make a real difference in wild tiger conservation, so please help if you can because tomorrow may be too late............ Thank you.


Charity Reg No: 1160528

Tigers4Ever is a small UK based Registered Charity which was originally established as a small, not-for-profit organisation in late 2010. Tigers4Ever raises awareness of the wild tigers’ plight; and tries to inspire people to support their conservation efforts to give wild tigers a wild future. We raise funds for conservation projects at ground level to help save wild tigers in India. We are committed to working with the communities living with wild tigers to build trust so that everyone living with wild tigers has a vested interest in its long term survival in the wild. Since Tigers4Ever was established it has made a significant difference to the communities which live with the threat of wild tigers in and around Bandhavgarh, India. Tigers4Ever has provided educational resources for 1800 children living in 24 villages around Bandhavgarh enabling each child to attend school for at least 1 year. Tigers4Ever has also provided over 1600 pieces of vital equipment for anti-poaching patrols protecting wild tigers. In 2015, Tigers4Ever established the first of its kind Buffer Zone poaching patrols to address the fact that 90-95% of all wild tiger deaths due to poaching or poisoning occur in the buffer forests. Since establishing the Buffer Zone Poaching Patrols there has been a 94% reduction in wild TIGER DEATHS due to POACHING or POISONING in Bandhavgarh (compared to 14 tiger deaths in the previous 2 years). Tigers4Ever ensures that all of its Tiger Conservation Projects are community focused so that those who live with the threat of wild tigers can benefit from its long term survival. We achieve this through engaging local suppliers to make and supply the equipment for the anti-poaching patrols and the education packs, thereby creating local employment and supporting local businesses. Tigers4Ever employs local workers, from the villages around Bandhavgarh, as Buffer Zone Poaching Patrollers which creates local employment and ensures that villagers can be approached without fear in the event of incidents. Tigers4Ever is also using local labour and suppliers in the construction of permanent wildlife water-holes which supports the local economy and helps to reduce man-animal conflict. Tigers4Ever is entirely dependent on donations and other fundraising activities to fund its charitable work. All UK based Tigers4Ever personnel are unpaid volunteers. Tigers4Ever pledges to use all donations received for wild tiger conservation projects.

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£938 donated of £2160 target
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The money raised will be used to double our anti-poaching patrols during peak poaching season.

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