Zante Strays is a passionate group of volunteers. We care for 250+ stray dogs in 6 main foster homes-we desperately need safe accommodation.

Life is dangerous for the friendly stray and dumped dogs of Zante, Greece. Their life expectancy is around two years. These dogs make gentle and loyal pets, since they need to rely on the kindness of tourists and a few local people in order to find food water, to survive on the streets. Many strays are tiny puppies who have been dumped by owners of their unsterilised mummy. Heartbreakingly, these gentle and social dogs are placed at huge risk from starvation, dehydration, traffic, fatal violence from humans (for entertainment) and rat poison, which is spread to kill them.

Zante Strays is a passionate group of volunteers, which is dedicated to helping these wonderful dogs survive and find loving homes. Registered as a Greek non-profit organisation and UK charity, every penny which is donated to the animal rescue goes directly towards feeding, veterinary treatment or creating safe sheltered areas for these precious and gentle animals. Nobody has expenses, we have no office, no charity van, phone or even computer.

On an island where there is no government provision for strays and no big charity like RSPCA or ASPCA, many hundreds of puppies each year are born to be dumped by dog owners who did not sterilise their dog, to die on the streets or mountains. We currently have over 250 dogs (plus some cats) in six main foster houses. With the tourists arriving, many new dumped puppies are being found by kind holidaymakers. We don't want to turn away a single defenceless tiny puppy (some needing bottle feeding) or vulnerable adult dog, who will certainly die horribly without help... but we are overwhelmed and struggling to accommodate, vet treat and feed such numbers of dogs.

One foster home houses approaching 50 dogs - thankfully our foster homes have lots of outside space. Another gentle little blind dog came into our care last week, plus a deaf dog... both dumped in the street like rubbish when their owners saw they needed a vet bill...still the puppies & dogs arrive daily; how can we turn them away- knowing they will die within a few weeks?

Since our beloved vet died in recent months, his widow and daughter (who has taken over Patiris vet clinic) have kindly donated us some grassy land... one of his dying wishes was to continue to help us to rescue the strays. In order to use this land, we find that we must again appeal to kind animal lovers for help, to enable us to keep these sweet dogs alive.

So, we appeal again to the kindness of our supporters and animal loving strangers... Even if you could spare even £5, it would help us to buy strong 6 foot high fencing, basic metal walls for a shelter, basic metal roofing, comfortable and dry dog houses, to install a hygienic cement floor and play area, fresh running drinking and cleaning water, a water tank... The cost of saving 25-30 lives in this area at a time is £8,865... the value of those innocent young lives to be saved is too precious to measure.

Helping us to the provide basic conditions which will help us to keep tiny puppies and vulnerable dogs safe, healthy and off the dangerous streets. A small donation would help save lives, and we would be so hugely grateful.

Make a difference

We are in urgent need of funds to help us undertake construction of fenced areas & shelter for 25-30 dogs in need. Used kennels, used soft or plastic dog beds, dog toys - importantly flea & worming treatments (not Bob Martin) would be of tremendous value!

How success will be measured

We shall be able to provide video footage of our new fenced area and shelter with 25-30 rescued puppies and vulnerable dogs (new dogs arriving as lucky ones find homes).

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  • 17 November 2017 Reply
    Thankyou for all your hard work zante strays love from lola (marshmallow ) family
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  • 23 Mar 2018

    Campaign finished

  • 22 Mar 2018

    You did it!!

    A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who donated to our campaign to build a shelter for our dogs. The weather was challenging but we started to build in November 2017 and by March 2018 all five of the large pens were up and running, with many dogs being cared for by our volunteers until we can find them a forever home. Having this facility means that we can look after many more stray and abused dogs than we could before and it is all thanks to your support and generosity. We feel incredibly lucky to have so many wonderful supporters and buoyed by this success we are now launching a second phase of the campaign to put a roof on the pens before the heat of the summer. Thank you again from everyone at Zante Strays because of you many innocent dogs and puppies have been saved from a miserable life on the streets or worse. Jamie x

  • 20 Jan 2018

    New Shelter Build Underway!

    Thanks to all the wonderful people who have donated to our campaign, progress is well underway to build a permanent shelter for the stray dogs and puppies of Zante. This will make a MASSIVE difference, not only will we be able to look after more dogs, but we will, for the first time, have safe, dry kennels, running water, sanitation and a proper food preparation area. We had originally planned to build three large kennels each housing 10-15 dogs or a Mum and her pups, but with the extra money we've raised we are going to increase that to four and now we've decided to be even more ambitious and set a stretch target of £10,000 which would mean we can build six kennels with the capacity for nearly 100 dogs!! We can't tell you how much we appreciate all the support we've had so far, it's wonderful to know there are so many kind generous people out there who care as much as we do - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Jamie and the Zante Strays team

  • 3 Jul 2017

    Puppies Dumped Like Rubbish

    Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse we find six tiny puppies abandoned in a rubbish dump. If you are receiving this update by email you can see the terrible conditions they were found in by visiting the Zante Strays page and clicking on 'Updates'. They were taken straight to our vet, vaccinated and as they were weak our vet kindly said they could stay there for a few days to be monitored. Sadly four have already died and the remaining two are still fighting. This horrible case illustrates the challenge we face on an almost daily basis. Our volunteers are stuggling with the numbers of abandonded puppies this summer and the need for new accommodation for the puppies we rescue has never been more acute. The success of our crowdfunding campaign relies on all the kind people who have already donated helping us to spread the word, which is why we are asking if you could share a link to the campaign page with your social media network and fellow dog lovers. Thank you so much xx

  • 28 Jun 2017

    What it looks like now....

    This video clip shows what our building plot looks like now. Because we are overwhelmed with new arrivals we have put up some rudimentary fencing and shelter, but as you can see it is far from ideal. We need to build dry, comfortable accommodation for the dogs and puppies that can be easily cleaned and put in a water supply. It's summer at the moment so there isn't much rain and we don't have to worry about the cold (although protecting the dogs from the heat is also a challenge), but all this changes come the autumn which is why we urgently need to raise enough money to start the work as soon as possible. Thank you so much if you've already donated to our campaign, we appreciate it more than we can say and please, please share it with all the dog lovers you know. We've raised over £1000 so far, but there is still a long way to go to reach our target & we need as many people as possible to help us spread the word.

  • 4 Jun 2017

    Please help us protect gentle Zante stray dogs from horrific cruelty

    ZAKYNTHOS YESTERDAY ! It is with a very heavy heart and with distress that we write this post. These peaceful, friendly dogs were living happily at the bus station outside Zante town. They loved people, reliant on tourists, overseas workers and some local people for food, water and affection. Then... yesterday they were found in a horrific condition, seven were dead, poisoned and probably tortured and one poor soul with his back legs tired with wire had been horrifically burnt. We see much shocking treatment of animals on Zante - but this is cruelty on another level. Who knows what ordeal these poor Dogs have suffered at the hands of some truly evil person or persons? We haven't posted the pictures of the horrific injuries these dogs suffered because they are too shocking. But this is a distressing illustrating of why the strays on Zante need our protection. Please help us to keep more dogs safe by supporting our fundraiser, by adopting, by sharing and retweeting on social media.

  • 3 Jun 2017

    More puppies are arriving every day

    These are some of our new arrivals, volunteers bring gentle, bewildered puppies like this to us several times a week. These are the lucky ones, they are unharmed and were dumped in a location where they could be easily found, but others aren't so fortunate. We've rescued a litter buried alive on the beach and others trapped in a barrel and left to die. With the holiday season upon us, kind hearted visitors are bringing in even more animals and we are struggling to cope. Some foster carers are keeping puppies in bedrooms, bathrooms and family rooms because there is no other space, which is why we so desperately need to build a safe new enclosure. We believe ever animal deserves a chance and if you have read this far you probably think so too. Thank you so much if you have already donated to our campaign and if not any amount you can spare would make all the difference to babies like these. Please help us by sharing the campaign link with with friends and family too.

  • 31 May 2017

    Campaign started

Zante Strays

Charity Reg No: 1166760

Zante Strays is a no kill animal rescue charity which finds great homes for the special Zakynthian stray animals in the UK. We rescue and treat abandoned, sick and injured animals, together with whole litters of puppies and kittens who are commonly dumped in the litter bins of Zante soon after birth. Poisoning of the streets/public and private areas is common in Zante, to kill dogs and cats rather than manageing the population through spaying and neutering. We fundraise to feed these lovely, friendly animals and to give complex and routine veterinary care to treat these vulnerable creatures in foster in Zante, until they are ready to seek their forever homes. Zante Strays commit to keep every stray dog/cat we foster for the rest of its life if it does not find a home or is old, blind or disabled. We educate encouraging neutering of all pet animals and offer half price sterilisation of owned animals to try to hit the problem at source for those animals who just cannot afford it. We have a small group of active volunteers based in Zante who use their own resources without funding from any government sources. This teamed with a small group of volunteers based throughout the UK are responsible for organising foster for strays and the adoption of rehoming animals. This includes arranging appropriate and safe transport to the UK, all veterinary checks, sterilisation, issue of pet passport and microchipping. We are determined to make a difference and as we have no overheads and pay no salaries (all services are given free by volunteers) we are able to ensure every penny raised goes to all of the animals in our care

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