Although we're well into the summer baby birds are still coming in & your donations will help us care for around 400 babies this year.

We are the only wildlife charity covering Bedfordshire and have been running since early 2004. Each patient is assessed in our small treatment room in the first instance and either treated in-house or taken to our local supportive vet. During the past few years we have become particularly well known for caring for injured and orphaned birds.

Each Year our small team of dedicated volunteers rears approximately 400 baby birds from Blue Tits and Robins, Jackdaws, Woodpeckers and Pigeons to Swallows, Swifts, Crows, Kestrels, Ducks and Tawny Owls.

Tawny Owl Chick

One of our Tawny Owl chicks from 2016

They arrive with us for many reasons, but sadly the most frequent reasons are due to human activities. Some have had their nests destroyed accidentally by garden work (trees, hedges and bushes cut down in nesting season), some nests have been deliberately destroyed (vandalism, unwanted nests on roofs or in the way of building work) and some are orphaned after their parents are killed by cats or they themselves are attacked by cats.

 Green Woodpecker Nestlings

A nest of Green Woodpeckers whose nest was destroyed by tree work

It is incredibly time consuming as the smaller the bird the more frequent the feed and this can mean feeds every 15 minutes for 14 to 15 hours a day until the birds are fully grown.

Blue Tit Fledgling

A Blue Tit fledgling whose family was killed by a cat

We go through tubs and tubs of our rearing mix and dozens of boxes of insects to help our baby birds get that second chance that they deserve. It costs us roughly £10.00 per bird to handrear, depending on the size of the bird, obviously it costs far less to rear a tiny Blue Tit than a large Tawny Owl, but every bird in our care receives the same level of dedication, no matter the size or species. 

Jackdaw Nestlings

Jackdaws whose nest was deliberately destroyed

There's nothing in the World as good as the feeling you get when you release a baby bird that you've saved, back into the wild and then see it around for days, weeks and in some cases, months afterwards.

Swallow Fledglings

Swallows who fell from their nest after a heatwave

Last Year, 77% of the birds we admitted were able to be released back into the wild, please help us reach and even surpass this success rate this Year. Thank you :) 

We are also looking for volunteers to help with caring for our birds and animals, you must be over 18 and be willing to make a firm time commitment. We will provide training.

Make a difference

If you can donate financially to our baby bird rearing project for 2017 then we can guarantee you, that with no paid staff at all, every penny will go towards the care of our baby birds. Donations of food or equipment if you prefer, can be made via our Amazon Wishlist If you are local to us and can donate newspapers or towels (not bedding as we are unable to use it, sorry) that would be great. If you can volunteer a day per week during baby season to help clean feed and medicate our patients that is also incredibly helpful.

How success will be measured

Having sufficient funds to care for 100 orphans and successfully rearing and releasing more than 70% of them

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Find us in Houghton Regis, Dunstable, Bedfordshire

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  • 12 Sep 2017

    Campaign finished

  • 13 Apr 2017

    The orphan season has started!

    This very cute little Dunnock was brought in after he was spotted alone with no parents for quite some time. He's a little dehydrated so he's having some critical care fluid. The last thing you want to do with a baby bird is fill its beak with fluids as it will just inhale it, so we do it a little at a time by dropping a single drop on the tip and then rubbing it along the beak. He's enjoying it so far.... We've had several babies in the last couple of weeks a sign that the orphan season is underway. A big thank you if you've already made a donation towards the cost of caring for our baby birds this season, we're nearly half way to our £500 target and any help you can give us by sharing this campaign would be very much appreciated

  • 26 Jan 2017

    Campaign started

Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue

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A small wildlife rescue and rehabilitation charity, specialising in the care and handrearing of wild birds.

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Handrearing approximately 400 baby birds between April and August 2017

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