Helping Rhinos needs your help to buy milk and medicines to save rescued baby rhinos, like Ntoto, that have lost their mothers to poachers

Earlier this year the Rhino Orphanage, funded by Helping Rhinos, experienced a brutal poaching attack that resulted in an assault on a member of staff and the tragic loss of two rhino calves that were both shot and their tiny horns removed.

Following a security review the decision was taken to relocate the orphanage to a secret location for the sake of the remaining baby rhinos and the dedicated team who refused to abandon them. The Zululand Rhino Orphanage, as it is now called, has resumed its duties in a safe site and for little Ntoto it has been a life saver.

Ntoto was just four months old when he was found in May this year, in a game reserve in Mpumalanga. His mother had been poached and little Ntoto had been wandering the bush for six days - surviving on water and grass - before he was found and brought to the orphanage. He was in desperate need of milk and nutrition.

The team is always saddened to hear news of any poaching incident, especially when a baby rhino is left traumatized and alone. But whenever the incident occurs everyone pulls together - the energy, focus and preparation for a long night of intensive nursing, necessary for these baby rhinos, is absolute. Emotions run high but the team work flat out to give the orphan the very best chance of survival.

Can You Help?

The Zululand Rhino Orphanage desperately needs your help to respond effectively to these tragic situations. If milk and medical supplies run out, they risk losing the calves. Demand and the illegal trade in rhino horn shows no sign of slowing down - the poaching crisis continues unabated and the increase in incidents, and the number of baby rhinos being left behind, is heartbreaking.

Shockingly there are fewer than 28,000 rhinos surviving in the wild today; the populations of some of the five remaining rhino species are so low that it is feared they will become extinct. For example, in Kenya, there are only three Northern White Rhino left and without scientific intervention it is only a matter of time before they are lost for ever. 90% of Africa's black rhinos have been lost to increased poaching, human encroachment and habitat destruction in the past 40 years and fewer than 4800 remain - we can't afford to lose a single one.

Every rhino orphan is special, every rhino is worth saving. Please help the Orphanage purchase supplies critical to save the lives of vulnerable rhino calves.

Make a difference

Please help us to: • Obtain sufficient milk supplies to cope with any emergency • Replenish our medical supplies for the baby rhinos injured and wounded as a result of their traumatic early experience • Care for them in the early stages of their recovery. It requires intensive nursing, feeding and monitoring as the rhino orphans slowly recover and grow. We want to raise £5,000 to help the Zululand Rhino Orphanage purchase essential supplies – your gift could save a life. And for especially for you… when we reach our target, the names of every donor will be entered into a draw to name the next rhino orphan. So do please reach out to these young and vulnerable orphans at such a critical time in their lives. Thank you.

How success will be measured

After the first critical months, the nursing gradually becomes less intensive and the orphaned rhinos are encouraged to do more in their natural surroundings. All important for their health and well being is the space to explore, which they do in larger camps with indigenous vegetation, mud and sand baths. Giving them the chance to “wild up” and the eventual re-release back into a protected rhino reserve is truly a magical moment and testament to the dedication of the amazing team.

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  • Michelle 28 December 2016 Reply
    This breaks my heart. Thank you for helping them. I'm happy to make a donation to help you in your mission.
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    Campaign finished

  • 27 Oct 2017

    Saving Khula

    KHULA is a baby white rhino who at just three days old was rejected by his mum and had to be rescued by the amazing team at the Zululand Rhino Orphanage. Sadly it was a damaged udder that meant Khula's mum was unable to provide the milk he needed to survive. Khula was literally starving to death. Khula was weak and thin when he was rescued, weighing just 57kg, significantly less than he should do at three days old. He was understandably cautious and apprehensive, but he soon settled into his new surroundings, and is starting to put weight on. The team of carers are working tirelessly around the clock to help Khula overcome his traumatic introduction to this world. It is critical to save every individual rhino we can as South Africa is experiencing its worst ever poaching crisis. More than 5,500 rhinos have been killed in the last four and a half years. As with all the rhinos at the orphanage, the aim is to release Khula back into the wild when is old enough and strong enough. Raising a rhino orphan like Khula is difficult and expensive. If you donated to our campaign earlier in the year, thank you so much you've already made a difference. If not any contribution you can make towards his food and milk would be greatly appreciated. Crowdfunding relies on reaching as many people as possible, so we also need your help to spread the word. Please take a moment to have a look at our campaign page and share it with as many people as you can using the Facebook and Twitter buttons. We've raised over £1000 so far, but our target is to get to £5000 so we can help Khula and other rhino orphans reach maturity in safety. Thank You

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    Campaign finished

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Helping Rhinos

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Shockingly there are less than 28,000 rhinos surviving in the wild today; the populations of some of the five remaining rhino species have become so low that it is feared they may soon pass the ‘point of no return’. 90% of Africa’s black rhinos have been lost to increased poaching, human encroachment and habitat destruction in the last 40 years - fewer than 4,800 remain. There are only three northern white rhino left on the planet and without scientific intervention, it is only a matter of time before they become extinct. Helping Rhinos is determined to reverse this catastrophic decline. Our strategic aims are as follows: 1. Rescue – support the life-saving work of veterinary specialists and rhino orphanages that are helping to nurture and return traumatised and injured young rhino back into the wild. 2. Protect – counter the threat of poaching by providing increased and effective security to rhino habitats. Secure the long-term conservation and protection of rhino by establishing specially designated Wildlife Conservation Sites – wild landscapes carefully managed and protected in perpetuity. 3. Educate – engage with local communities and schools and develop educational programmes that stigmatises the use of rhino horn and promotes wildlife conservation as an imperative for the planet. With your help we can truly make a difference and protect rhino for future generations to enjoy and marvel at.

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To buy milk and medicine to care for orphaned baby rhinos

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