We need your help to cover veterinary costs for our 'golden oldies', elderly, rescue cats that would not otherwise not find homes

Thames Valley Animal Welfare (TVAW) is a small charity that cares for abandoned, stray and unwanted cats and kittens in the Thames Valley area and finds them loving new homes. We never put a healthy animal to sleep.

The work of TVAW is entirely undertaken by volunteers, including a dedicated team of fosterers, and we are completely dependent on donations to fund our work

Many of the cats that come into our care are elderly and have chronic health problems such as hyperthyroidism or early renal failure. Finding suitable homes for cats like these is very difficult which is why we created the 'Golden Oldie' scheme.

Under this scheme we undertake to cover the lifetime veterinary costs for serious and age related conditions, even after the cat goes to its new home.  This gives the owner reassurance that they won't be faced with large veterinary bills, something that is particularly important as the most suitable home for an elderly cat is often with an older person who may be retired and living on a pension.

We started the 'Golden Oldie' scheme in 2006 and since then we've seen costs increase sharply. In the first half of this financial year we helped 22 cats and their owners at a cost of £8256, and, with 63 cats currently rehomed under the scheme, we expect this figure to increase significantly over the next few months.

Coco, pictured, is one of the cats who has benefitted from the scheme. Coco was a long term  stray who was in very poor condition when she arrived. She was  treated immediately for the symptoms of severe cat flu and had many of her teeth removed due to decay. Fortunately she responded well to treatment and when she was fit enough she was offered a home by a retired couple.

Unfortunately, not long after being rehomed, she developed severe sinus problems and was eventually referred to a specialist veterinary practice in Wiltshire. After x-rays and CTscans  the cause of the problem was discovered - a foreign object deeply  embedded in the lining of her nose causing of a severe infection. During a very delicate operation the object was removed and the infection successfully treated with antibiotics. The total cost of her treatment was £2500 paid for by the TVAW. Had we not been able to help Coco would have had to be put to sleep.

Coco is now fully recovered and gives great pleasure to her new owners, even accompanying them on holidays in their caravan as you can see here!



Make a difference

We urgently need to raise £1300 to help cover veterinary costs for more of our 'Golden Oldies' so that they can find loving homes. Your donation will give the, often elderly, owners of these rescued cats peace of mind, knowing that their beloved pet will be cared for.

How success will be measured

We will measure the success of the campaign by our ability to cover the veterinary costs for up to five cats suffering from serious or life threatening conditions. Success will also be measured by the peace of mind and happiness we bring to their new owners who might otherwise have been faced with the loss of a beloved pet and companion.

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  • 20 Dec 2017

    Campaign finished

  • 27 Jan 2017

    Lucy joins our 'Golden Oldies'

    Lucy has recently joined our 'Golden Oldies' club. We think she is about 14 years old and she enjoys a good cuddle, while at the same time showing that she knows her own mind and expects to have her every wish catered for! Although she seems to be in good health, it's very hard finding homes for cats this age which is why she'll be rehomed as a 'golden oldie'. This means that we'll cover the cost of treating any illnesses she develops in the future so that her new owner doesn't have to worry about vets bills. We've also got several more older cats on our waiting list whose elderly owners have died or gone into care, so we expect our 'golden oldie' fund will come under increasing pressure in the next few months. We can't express how much we appreciate the generosity of everyone who has supported this campaign so far and ask for your help in spreading the word so that we can help more needy elderly cats find a forever home.

  • 9 Nov 2016

    Campaign started

Thames Valley Animal Welfare

Charity Reg No: 900616

Thames Valley Animal Welfare is a small charity, established in 1983 to help homeless cats and kittens. We operate in the area around Bracknell, Reading, Henley on Thames, Maidenhead, High Wycombe and Wallingford and do try to help further afield if we can. The animals are cared for in purpose built cathouses in the gardens of our fosterers until we are able to find them loving, permanent homes. We neuter and microchip all adult cats and provide veterinary treatment for all animals as needed. We never euthanize any animal unless on veterinary advice. Each year we find new homes for about 350 cats and kittens and help a further 70 in other ways, either by returning lost cats to their owners, or helping owners on low incomes with the cost of neutering their cats or providing emergency veterinary care. We are seeing an increasing number of elderly cats in need of new homes, usually because their owner either can no longer cope or has died. We offer these cats for adoption under our "Golden Oldie" scheme which means that the charity will help with future veterinary costs. Costs are kept to an absolute minimum as all of our work is carried out by volunteers. We need to raise over £70,000 each year to fund our work and we are entirely dependent on donations and fundraising.

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£641 donated of £1000 target
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To cover veterinary treatment for our 'golden oldies' cats that would not otherwise find new homes

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